Backpacking Trip in NC

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Amy and I decided we needed some time away from the city, so last week we booked a backcountry camping spot at South Mountain State Park and headed on our way Saturday afternoon. We packed all our camping gear, some food, lots of water, and our swimsuits since we knew we would be near the river and falls. It was a short but STEEP hike up to our camp site but so worth it. After setting up our tent we wandered down to the falls and enjoyed them hiker-free and all to ourselves since it was getting later in the evening. The water was so refreshing and we couldn't resist getting in and splashing around for a bit before enjoying the beers we had packed and carried up. Afterwards, we started our fire, cooked a quick dinner, enjoyed sitting around and relaxing, and finally went to sleep (Amy wouldn't let me tell any ghost stories). Just to wake up in the morning to see that my dry-bag had been taken by a bear! (Read: raccoon). Lesson learned....always properly hang your food bag.